Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Augusto: the delicious angel!

One of these lucky thumbnails will be the Pawn Shop, and another, if I have time for it, will be Augusto's restaurant.

Seraphs are angels that walk the earth with 6 'wings,' which are souls to deliver. When Isaiah saw his vision, he did not actually see wings, but spirits that were tethered to the angel, being accompanied to heaven. Each angel collects their wings, and after collection, holds onto them until the grim reaper comes to accompany them to through the journey to the afterlife. Both the seraphim and souls are never to return to the mortal world again. Seraphs live as regular every day humans. In the mortal world, souls are kept safe within heirlooms that the angels collect.

A seraph, Augusto, is sent to the mortal world to collect his souls, or earn his 'wings.' During his time there, he collects his wings fairly quickly and grows bored. His friend and landlord is his last soul to collect and when he dies, Augusto decides to take over his restaurant after working there in exchange for a place to live. He is in love with food, and cooking. He runs the restaurant despite his fellow angels being against it, telling him to keep a low profile. When he hears that the reaper is on his way to collect the souls and seraphim that have earned enough wings, he is desperate for a solution to stay longer and up-keep his restaurant which truly makes him happy. Augusto heads to the devil's pawn shop. It is fabled among angels on earth, but it exists. No one could tell Augusto what is to happen if he pawns off a wing or two to the devil. The devil just sits in his pawn shop, waiting for people to come in and unknowingly sell him a soul in the form of beloved heirlooms. What will happen to Augusto?