Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A man takes a walk in the woods...

I'm getting better at just drawing whatever the heck I want!

Expressive drawing is not feeling it, or just doing it, or something you draw because you're asked.

Expressive drawing is not denying yourself a drawing.

It's letting you draw, and no one else proverbially holding your hand to guide the content of your drawing.


Telephone Poles

I've resolved to post all of my homework up online and in the public eye. I've realized that whenever there is even a small chance that my work won't show, the quality declines.

Why have I not scrambled to be the one whose worked is talked about? This is my thing, I should be proud!javascript:void(0)

Windows and Doors

It Looks like the dreaded Viz Dev class has started! I have learned a lot over the past year about professionalism--and what great timing, to! I just recieved my green card and work permit in the mail! What a treat!